FREIGHTER TAILS: the Misadentures of Mzzkiti
by Gibbs & Redfern



Get yo' ass outa' here!

NAME:  Delores “Dee” Rainged

GENDER:  Female

SEX:  Only with men who can out-drink, out-shoot and out-wrassle her.

AGE:  24 tough, hard, brutal years

SPECIES:  Physiologically, Terran Human. Psychologically-according to her crewmates-“Death Incarnate.”

RANK:  Lieutenant

POSITION:  Chief of Security, SPF Cargo Vessel Pharsicle.

PREVIOUS POSITION:  Dee is the last living acolyte of the legendary Space Marine Commander, Perry Knoyd, well known as the man who killed more recruits than all the Confab’s enemies put together. Knoyd’s nickname-“Blood and Guts”-was not a colorful metaphor for “courage,” rather, it represented what was left of his “grunts” after he was finished with them. As his First Lieutenant, Dee thrived under his tutelage, until the tragic day when Knoyd attempted to muffle the explosion of a fusion grenade by swallowing it. (Dee was later heard to say: “Dunno what went wrong-he’d done it before!”) After this event, Dee was assigned to Pharsicle, where-it was hoped-she could do the least damage.

PSYCHOLOGY:  Never met a weapon she didn’t like. No, make that love. No, make that worship. In conversing with her, be prepared for her frequent use of such terms as “blood loss,” “incinerate,” and “mega-casualties.” Dee has a remarkably stimulating effect on her crewmates’ memories: when they see her coming, they suddenly recall forgotten appointments and duties. The sole occupant of her own little world, Dee is blissfully unaware that she makes people extremely nervous.

GOALS:  To finally perfect her greatest invention: The Shoulder-Mount Planet-Buster. 

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