FREIGHTER TAILS: the Misadventures of Mzzkiti
by Gibbs & Redfern
Updates, Rants, Etc.
(A history of the site, what else?!)
6/15/2003: I find it very hard to write this. It has been a year since I updated this site in any significant fashion. Yet readers have contiually encouraged me and have faithfully visited the site. Why, just the other day, my counter clicked past 140,000 hits. Well, I've finally gotten off my butt and honored my readers' wishes. Not only have I posted a new strip, I have also updated the archival section. Now, one can easily access ALL past strips as they now have HTML pages to properly display them. BR

12/15/2001: I have added two more selections to the gallery, one nearly three months overdue.  Sorry, Clara.  I posted TickTack's entry a lil' faster, so no more complaints about the strip being late okay, Felix?  ;-)  BR

12/12/2001: I have started to update Paul's e-mail links on the various pages since he relocated his site to

8/27/2001: Yes, I am aware I was late posting the upload schedule banner.  However, before you proceed to chuck petrified armadillos at me, check out the wonderfully kawaii drawing by Amy M. Panyko.  Her own site, Mab's Lab, contains many delightful creations of her own design.  BR

6/30/2001: We've slapped another picture to the gallery's bulkheads.  Richard Greyson supplied us with this latest edition.  I don't know about you, but I can imagine a somewhat less modest version (but with the same pose) painted onto the nose section of a Space Protectorate bomber. BR

6/24/2001: Believe or not, we did not intend for this strip to pay tribute to the series finale of "Xena: Warrior Princess."  Paul and I wanted to distance ourselves from that certain Paramount property, so we couldn't use the mini-skirt gag as we had in the first incarnation of the strip.  We bounced a few ideas around, basically anything unsuitable for on duty military attire.  We settled for barbarian leathers and brass.  We honestly didn't realize until a few weeks ago that I would post this strip on the same weekend that the last new episode of "Xena" would air. BR

06/13/2001: My apologies for for not posting the log for strip # 5 and Strehstowt's personnel file until this evening.  However, I was not about to risk frying my computer because of potential lightning strikes.  The weather has finally calmed enough, allowing me to complete my uploads.BR

06/11/2001:I have posted the sixth strip, but I need to add a few final touches to Strehstowt's portrait.  I will post that and his bio tomorrow as it has become quite late tonight.  BR

05/28/2001: Thanks to our company's help desk calling me at 4:30 AM Eastern Time (a situation resolved within two minutes), I was able to update the rest of the site this morning instead of after business hours.  BR

05/27/2001: Just posted the newest strip.  I will upload Dee Rainged's personnel file tomorrow.  BR

05/14/2001: Ah, that's better.  I've completed uploading Captain Thesspiahn's biography and placed strip # 3 in the log section.  Would you believe someone told the captain a joke just before they snapped his ID holo'?  BR

05/14/2001: Actually, it's the 13th, but as it is getting late, I will just upload the the newest strip.  I will post the captain's bio and archive the third strip tomorrow.  At least I'm keeping on schedule with the front page installments. BR

04/30/2001: This time, we've posted strip # 3 along with an appropriate technical specification relating to the vehicle in question.  Consider it a tribute to the fans who spot the unclipped bloopers within movie and television sci-fi. BR

04/16/2001: Later, the same day...  We've posted a forum page dedicated to Freighter Tails so that some of the load is removed from Paul's Sah'aaran Embassy.  The forum can accessed from either the DataBase page or directly here. BR

04/16/2001: We've posted the second strip on time as promised.  We hope this will reinstate your faith in us.  This one should please you techno-fans, showing a close-up of the outer hull.  BR

04/05/2001: We've received our first selection of fan submitted art from Murray M. Lee.  Like many people these days, he has his own site, "A Writer's Block".  His characters are quite engaging.  His submission can be found within the gallery.

04/01/2001:  How's this for an April Fools' surprise?  However, this ain't no prank!  We've removed the Trek elements to make this strip into something we can truly claim as our own.  Hopefully you die-hard Trek-sters will accept our new format.  The gags will read as cheesy as ever.  So sit back and enjoy!  BR

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