FREIGHTER TAILS: the Misadentures of Mzzkiti
by Gibbs & Redfern
Gallery of Submitted Art
(Where every bulkhead is a fridge door for fan images)
 Looks like Murray M. Lee beat everyone else to the punch, but at what cost?
If Jerry Baker's Moggian is grinning like that, it can only spell TROUBLE!!!
Richard Greyson's saluting cutey looks like she should be painted onto the nose of a space bomber.
Amy M. Panyko's endearingly chibi portrait shows her manga influence.
With guest art like Clara's, I might as well throw in the towel.
Mzzkiti doesn't remember posing for TickTack's pin-up shoot.
The first in a series of Poser based renders from MaPPer.
A second render from MaPPer.
...And a third one from MaPPer.
Shoot! MaPPer needs a gallery section all to himself!
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