FREIGHTER TAILS: the Misadentures of Mzzkiti
by Gibbs & Redfern
Personal Log Entries: Lt. Mzzkiti
(Yes, these are the previous comic strips!)
 Poor kitten, this isn't exactly the dream posting for which she had hoped.
Looks like Mzzkiti is not totally clued into Earth's 20th Century movie trivia.
Ever suspect that the universe is inherently unstable?
Meeting the new boss, always loads of fun...  NOT!!!
Loose cannons and energy weapons, a great combination!
Odd, she didn't even say, "Boo!"
So, who'd be her sidekick?
Who'd assume 2 mere ounces of elastic polymer would leave her mewling?
Hormone levels are reachin' critical mass!  He'll blow any minute!
At least HAL was subtle and soothing.
Snotty lil' bugger, ain't he?
A blanket AND a teddY? You think she might be a tad nervous?
So whom of us really looks good in the morning?
Just "cap it off" why don'cha? We have a long trip ahead.
I don't think that's Cajun Blackened Snapper!
For relief from heartburn, and tongue burn, and...
Kitty faw down th' hole...
She's really stepped in IT this time!
The fumes must be getting to her; she's seeing unicorns!
Couldn't one experience tactile hallucinations?
At least now we now why it was down there.
Literal descriptions, oddly enough, can lead to confusion.
Didn't she already discover this fact?
For every action, there is an equal and opposite scream.
Who's a stinky lil' kitty?
Talk about a "cat and canary" situation!
To whom is Mzzkiti speaking?
Kinda' deflates the idea of "fan service", doesn't it?
Hell hath no fury like a Moggian slimed!
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