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"Caption this..."

Wanna' have a lil' fun? Above I've posted an image with Mzzkiti apparently reading some alarming news. Or, maybe the device is functioning like a large screen iPhone (TM) and someone is talking to her. Maybe it's a video game. Here's your opportunity to caption it!

To participate, left-click this link and post your "zingers"!

Space, eh, it's a living...

The year is 2323. One quarter of the Milky Way Galaxy is governedóin a manner of speakingóby a loose confederation of planets and species, the Trans-Galactic Confab. Its borders are patrolled by the stalwart men, women and neuters of the Space Protectorate Force. But just as an army marches on its stomach, a navy is only as effective as its transport ships. Sturdy vessels and crew, these unsung heroes do yeoman service delivering the necessities of life to far-flung outposts and into the heat of battle.

óBut somebody has to haul the stinky stuff too.

Join Lieutenant Mzzkiti as she struggles to cope with the dysfunctional crew and less-functional equipment of the Cargo Vessel Pharsicle, in: 

FREIGHTER TAILS: The Misadventures of Mzzkiti
(a Comic Strip by Paul S. Gibbs and Bill Redfern)

The forum is located at
The beginning of a new year...

What will it bring? Well, thanks to Earl McClaw, I have at the time I'm composing this, twenty (20) additional guest art selections in addition to the ones Eric Schwartz and Max BlackRabbit illustrated. McClaw recommended I post one a week and use that time to work on my own material. Sounds like a viable plan.

To hopefully promote some reader interest, I'm starting 2008 by posting a panel you can caption! I've provided a link where you can post your "zingers" and general discussion. Unless "Talk About Comics" crashes or negates my forum account, the thread will remain should you think of something at a later date.

I was recently reminded that the original incarnation of this comic debuted on August 2, 1998. Has it really been nearly ten (10) years? Uh, not much to show for that period. I could present excuses that my job limits my involvement, but then I read Kathy Garrison's forum. Here she is, running a farm for the most part, by herself (because her husband, Scott Kellogg works in Jersey), yet she still finds time to draw a "thrice weekly" strip, "Carry On", plus filling in for White Pony's 'Cross Time Cafe". Can one get a transfusion of motivation?

FREIGHTER TAILS was co-created by Paul S. Gibbs and me, Bill Redfern.  Alas, my dear friend Paul passed away on January 31st, 2002.

Before he died, Paul scripted the individual log entries as well as the background information such as log supplimentals, personnel files and technical specifications stored within the archival section. His site can still be found at: Sah'aaran Embassy

I now perform those duties as well as hand draw the characters and "layer" the cels (slightly tweaked within PaintShop Pro) over 3D background elements (rendered within TrueSpace) as well as basically maintaining the site.  I may be e-mailed at

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